The Membus, on the road

Join us on a fantastic journey to bring language learning to life.

Meet the Natives

Languages are brought to life by the people that use them to live and to love, to tell jokes and to tell stories.

Those are the people that Memrise’s new Meet the Natives mode is bringing onto your phone. Tens of thousands of real native speakers from all over the world, all speaking their mother tongue right in the places they naturally use it.

You learn to understand how natives really talk. You learn how to use the language like them. And along the way you’ll discover a diversity of beautiful faces, accents, humour and all the details that make each language unique.

The Membus

To collect these videos, Memrise embarked upon a Kickstarter-backed, epic multilingual road trip aboard an iconic 1970s double decker bus. We travelled over 12,000 miles through 9 different European countries over the summer of 2016, and filmed over 20,000 locals en route. The Membus’ valiant mission is now officially complete!

Our bus has touched down upon UK soil once again, with the team now integrating the thousands of micro-videos into the app. This means that anyone, anywhere, at the touch of their fingertips, can learn languages directly from the locals!

And why stop there? Recording the languages of Europe was just the start. Memrise is now travelling the world, filming thousands more native speakers, to continue in its mission to create the world’s very first video dictionary. Check us out!


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